Building Your Target List

If you already have 20+ companies that are top of mind, you can add them to an excel sheet with the Company Name & URL. After that is complete, you can email us that information along with the title(s) of the hiring manager and we will research up to two contacts for you.

CompanList Template

If you are using grata to help identify your 20+ companies, you can follow the tutorial below in order to create a company list. After you have completed your list, you can notify us at and include the title(s) of the hiring manager. At that time, we will research additional company information as well as up to two contacts for you then upload them to your Pipedrive instance.


With the help of Grata, narrow down the list of Target Companies to 60.  Grata has amazing search capabilities to help narrow down the field you are currently looking in, and also a field you could potentially see yourself working.  Once you have found a company you would like to include on your Target Companies (see below)

Screenshot 2022-12-02 142552

Click the blue "Add to list" button and from the drop down menu that opens, click on your list, or simply create a new list and title it your name.  You will only have to create a new list once, but you will need to click "add to list" with each company.