Add Template to Pipedrive

Now that you have updated an existing template...

0:01 Now that you have updated an existing template or created a new template, I'm gonna show you how to add that template and pipe drive to streamline your outreaches. 0:08 You'll first log into your Pipedrive instance, go to mail on the left hand side, and then compose from there. We'll copy and paste the template into Pipedrive and confirm the formatting's consistent.

0:24 You will then replace any part of your email that you desire to be a dynamic field. For instance, I'm gonna highlight first name here.

0:31 I'm going to insert field, and then I'm gonna go to the person icon and click first name. Then you'll see that has been updated to a dynamic field.

0:42 I'll then add a relevant subject line in these subject lines. You can also enter dynamic fields. I'm just gonna say let's catch up, and then from there I will choose template.

0:55 I will save this draft as a template. I'll put a relevant name and click save.


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