Upcoming Appearance: Next Level Life Series

Get your free ticket to the Next Level Life Summit!

Millions of people are looking for a more fulfilling #career. While the transition can be challenging, the rewards are massive.

That said, I’m excited to share the details of a summit in which I’m participating. It’s called the Next Level Life Series and it’s designed to provide you with insights, wisdom, tools, and resources to help take your life to the next level.

The event includes interviews with career experts and company CEOs that are at the tip of the spear when it comes to transforming how we will work in the future. You will also learn practices that will allow you to endure the changes that are coming and how to stand ready to seize opportunities that will arise as a result. 

Starting on November 1st, Tamara Lashchyk, the summit host, will release one interview each day for 21 days. This event will be worth your while and I would encourage you to attend. There is no cost to you, it is totally free.

In my interview with Tamara, we discuss how to get a better job faster.

The summit features some accomplished experts such as:
●     Dave EvansThe New York Times Best Selling Author of Designing Your Life
●     Andrew Leedham, Author and Coach of Unstoppable Self Confidence
●     David Shriner-Cahn talks about smashing the plateau

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