Check out Bob’s recent interview with Martin McGovern on their Career Therapy Podcast (e.118).

On this week’s Career Therapy Podcast (e.118), we welcome Bob Goodwin to the conversation.

Bob Goodwin is the president and founder of Career Club and host of the Career Club podcast, where he helps people find roles that match their strengths within companies that enable them to thrive.

Our discussion centers around how to utilize marketing and sales skills in your job search, what you need to do to remove ego and overcome fears of rejection, and why being the most helpful candidate is better than being the most impressive candidate when making your next career transition.

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That’s all for the intro. Now let’s dive into this week’s conversation with Bob Goodwin…


During this Episode, We Discuss:

0:00 introducing Bob Goodwin
4:11 Why “the language of business is numbers”
10:42 Feelings of shame and self-worth
16:22 Are you really impacting the world?
27:10 Overcoming imposter syndrome
38:25 They’re hiring you because they’re missing something
40:25 Should you tailor your resumes for different jobs?
46:15 Tying the stories back to the COMPANY
55:40 Being on LinkedIn (the RIGHT way)

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