Career Focus Strategies: Listen to Bob’s Interview on Success InSight

Check out Bob’s recent interview with Howard Fox on his podcast, Success InSight.

Career Focus supports individuals who are pursuing careers that tap into their skills and passions and introduces you to the entrepreneurs and companies that are helping to make that dream a reality.
Our guest today is Bob Goodwin

Bob is the Founder at Career Club. Career Club was founded to help people who are in job transition learn how to GET A BETTER JOB FASTER. Bob has leveraged his B2B sales and marketing expertise best practices, to help job seekers get a better job faster. Career Club provides career coaching, an online job search course, and a CRM platform to organize your professional network and job search activities.

  • Driving force of Career Club [01:08]
  • Why start Career Club now [04:30]
  • When did Bob start helping people in career transition [10:16]
  • Types of companies we target [19:13]
  • What kind of support is offered [24:00]
  • Insights for your younger self [32:40]

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