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Life Change

“I’m a heroin addict.”

That’s what my new friend Ian told me on Sunday. I was part of a group hosting a picnic this weekend at a park in a struggling part of Cincinnati. I sat down near him to learn about his story.
“I’m a heroin addict. I have a Narcotics Anonymous meeting in about an hour near here and I sometimes come to this park to remember where I came from. I used to shoot up here and I don’t want to forget why I want to change my life.”
I don’t know what your Tell Me About Yourself story is but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t start like that!
Ian went on to share that he is 25 years-old and has been using since he was 18. About 8 months ago he started going to NA to get the help he needed. He said his sponsor was key to teaching him the 12 step program as well as being someone he can call 24/7 if he ever needs to reach out.
There was a lot more but in the interest of space, let me just say that Ian’s story really moved me. I am so inspired by a young man who wants to transform his life and become the person he was meant to be. I see at least four qualities in Ian that apply to anyone going through a challenging time:

  • Humility
  • Having a Plan
  • Being in community with others
  • Persistence

What do you think? How can you apply some of Ian’s journey to your own?

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